Monday, January 30, 2012

Huhtinen Mix 2

My Huhtinen Crib
I made this mix while living in Porvoo, Finland in a neighborhood called Huhtinen, hence the name.  Song for song and transition for transition I think this is one  is one of my best.  I made this in late spring of 2009 and never get tired of it.  This was back when I used to like Wiz a lot, as you can tell from the playlist. Submitted for the approval of the midnite society... Huhtinen Mix 2

The Cool Kids - Jump Rope
The Cool Kids - The Art of Noise
Wiz Khalifa - My Life
Wiz Khalifa - Material
Big Sean - Desire, Want & Need
Wiz Khalifa - Feels Good
Wiz Khalifa - Never Ever
Wiz Khalifa - Take a Ride
The Cool Kids - Weekend Girls
The Cool Kids - Summer Vacations
Saigon - The Reason
Wiz Khalifa -
Wiz Khalifa - Boarding Pass
Diz Gibran - On It
Big Sean - Supa Dupa
Diz Gibran - Calypso Flow
The Cool Kids - Tune Up
U-N-I  -  My Life
Wiz Khalifa - So High
U-N-I  - Lauren London
Wiz Khalifa - Lowridin Freestyle
Big Sean - Rollin
Big Sean - Okay

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